Sometimes when the pattern around the nation is for business trade schools and multi-purpose organizations to include massage programs, Our Business Massage Treatment Institute exists with one single function: To Teach the Recovery Arts.
We finish extremely knowledgeable, medically capable, heart-felt specialists, not professionals. This is done by using a program that concentrates on the craft of massage, while at the same time teaching the sciences and supplying a comprehensive medical experience.
Ulcron Massage Treatment Institute was established on the belief that education is a foundation for a much better world which human touch is the most required product of our times. The research study of a massage treatment at Ulcron integrates the two, using an experience that makes it possible for graduates to beneficially impact the lives of those they touch, while all at once making a sincere living.
As we teach the science, heart, and craft of massage treatment, each class becomes its own living entity. Focus is put on the unique vibrant character of each group and on the distinct people in it. Whether you remain in a mate of 8 or 18, you will feel the customized attention of the ‘one-room schoolhouse’ environment.